Apr 20, 2012

St. Ali

Working in Clerkenwell has really opened up my lunch options and one place that was recommended to me was St. Ali. For a quick bite to eat at lunch time it’s a pretty good option, although it’s a lot more pricey than a Tesco meal deal.

Last time I went I had a ‘small’ meal, partly to try and diet but mainly because the price was also smaller – ‘Curried  chicken, coconut and ginger soup’ £5.50. It was really yummy and came with what can only be described as a block of fresh bread, which didn’t help the diet but certainly filled me up.

The best thing about St. Ali is the coffee. It’s the sort of place that knows the difference between a latte and a cappuccino (it’s not just chocolate sprinkles). I always order a white americano with hot milk just because the milk comes served in the sweetest miniature milk bottles – the waiter said they order them from Sweden (I think).


St. Ali is owned by a company called Workshop Coffee.

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