Jun 22, 2012

The Guildable Manor

I wonder what it would be like to wake up on a Saturday morning and not immediately think “I want a spiced lamb and halloumi baguette”? I wouldn’t know. Since discovering The Guildable Manor – known until last week as ‘the baguette place at Borough Market’ – I have pretty much thought of nothing else.

I cannot describe how good these baguettes are! In fact, I think that they’re too good. There’s so much amazing food at Borough Market and yet I storm ignorantly straight past all of it, eyes on the prize, towards this stall every single time.

The ‘blokes’ – and I say ‘blokes’ on purpose because it’s the only way to describe them – are SO good at their job. I watched a video once upon a time about loving your work and giving it your personal touch… I wonder if they’ve seen the same video? They’re a bunch of cockney’s overrun with customers – I’ve queued for 40 minutes before – but most importantly they always seem to be having fun. Every customer gets individual attention, they make jokes, give personal recommendations and throw out amazing food at a good pace.

PLEASE check them out when you’re in Borough Market next, it’s the best £6 – 7 you’ll spend!

I always have the same thing – I’m afraid not to! Lamb with extra halloumi, and buckets of salsa verde and harissa on top, just look at the pictures for instant drooling.



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